sexual bassethound (modernities) wrote,

On Matthew & Mary: Meta; Introduction

A/N: Ahhhhhh it's here. To those of you who I told this about back in like, October (lol oops), I'll be posting the installments here. I don't know how fast I will be churning these bad boys out, but hopefully not too long. I have most of it written, it just needs severe editing and delicate meta flourishes. So here is the first part, which sort of acts like a vague prologue. This part doesn't dig too deep; it acts more as a general overview of their relationship and how I plan to lay this bitch out. So...enjoy! Maybe. Kind of. (I also am now realizing I need a Mary/Matthew icon oops).

ON MATTHEW & MARY: Meta; Introduction

I take this fucking shit head couple way too srslyCollapse )
Tags: meta, music, otp: matthew x mary, show: downton abbey, the deep end
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